Teaching Experience

I have served as a teaching assistant for a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses (as listed below). As a teaching assistant, I worked closely with instructors to prepare lecture materials, select reading materials, develop grading rubrics, maintain course websites, grade assignments, and deliver guest lectures

Introductory Psychology

Cognitive psychology

Developmental Psychology

Sample Comments about My Teaching

HD3330 Children and the Law (Dr. Michael Toglia 2021 Fall)

-       “Minyu established a wonderful connection with the class. Students frequently expressed this in speaking about how attentive she was in working to respond to their questions and needs.”

-       “Throughout the Fall 2021 term, she was extremely responsible and conscientious in completing the many tasks I assigned to her. I very much appreciated her advice and suggestions of creative solutions to many challenges that arose, including some pandemic-driven ones.”

-       “Minyu's course involvement was extensive as she had many duties. She handled the workload very efficiently with sustained engagement, dedication and commitment. She was always timely and efficient. In sum, outstanding!


HD3190 Memory and the Law (Dr. Charles Brainerd, 2020 Fall)

-       “Minyu worked very hard to help students who were having difficulties, to make accommodations for them, and to help them learn the course materials.”

-       “Minyu is never late with an assignment – Indeed, she always completes them early, and always does more than required.”

-       “Minyu was spectacular. She’s already at professor level.”


HD3620 Human Bonding (Dr. Cindy Hazan, 2020 Spring)

-       “Minyu really stood out for her prompt responses to absolutely everything that came up, her quick and seemingly easy solutions to every problem that arose, always the first of the 18 graders to finish their portion, and consistent attention to detail.

-       “She was a total pleasure to work with.”

For the complete teaching evaluations, please see here.